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Metz A1 Non-Combustible Cavity Trays, a Metra Non-Ferrous Metals Ltd Product, part of the Grillo-Werke AG group of companies.

The core expertise of the Grillo Group has always been everything to do with zinc.

In 2016, the construction industry was shifting and changing its view on green and sustainability issues and environmental concerns. One main issue for architects and specifiers was the use of rolled lead used for flashings on buildings and the contamination and poison awareness of lead and the need for a replacement product. Metra could see the use of soft zinc as a natural replacement for lead sheet and developed Metz Flashings, an A1 fire rated and environmentally friendly flashing product.

In 2019 building regulation in England covering fire safety matters within and around buildings was updated with the introduction of Building Regulations Document B (Fire Safety) 2019. With the need for buildings over 18 metres in height requiring the use of non-combustible material, it was quickly identified that our soft zinc alloy was a perfect replacement for combustible cavity trays to become non-combustible. Metz A1 Non-Combustible Cavity Trays were developed to comply with Building regulations Document B (Fire Safety) 2019 and have been successfully certified for use by BBA, NHBC Accepts, LABC Warranty, Premier Guarantee and classified by Warringtonfire as A1 fire safe.

Our Team

Jason Gladwin
Gareth Price
James McKenna
Debbie Godley

Metz A1 Non combustible Cavity tray is certified by the British Board of Agrément, NHBC Accepts and is covered by NHBC, Premier Guarantee & LABC the country’s leading warranty providers.