METZ EaZi-Fit A1 Fire Rated Cavity Tray System

The METZ EaZi-Fit system is supplied from stock in preformed 2 metre lengths, pre-scored ready for installation. Preformed corners/stop ends etc. will be required to complete the system (certain preformed units can be formed on site).

Supplied to suit standard cavity ranges. Other sizes are available contact Miers for further information.

Standard preformed units available off-the-shelf for next day delivery.

The METZ EaZi-Fit adjustable reveal cut to length on site and floating stop end taped and sealed in place (stop end can be formed on site).

METZ EaZi-Fit Cavity Tray Benefits

Fast to install
No mechanical fixings required
Easy to handle
Malleable product

METZ EaZi-Fit the only A1 Rated ‘Malleable’ Cavity Tray System that is site adaptable, adjustable and suitable for all buildings

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NBS Source Specification

Conforms to A1 Fire Certification Criteria

Conforms to A1 Fire Certification Criteria Designed in accordance with regulations for non-combustible products for buildings over 18 metres

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Metz A1 Non combustible Cavity tray is certified by the British Board of Agrément, and is covered by NHBC, Premier Guarantee & LABC the country’s leading warranty providers.